Landrove is a small and independent Swiss law firm, with international background and expertise, dedicated to business matters and dispute resolution, with a strong focus on mediation and arbitration.

Dr. Juan Carlos Landrove, founding member, holds substantial expertise in transactional matters, litigation and international commercial arbitration in Switzerland, the European Union, Latin America and the United States.

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Such approach allows for clear information on the client’s chances of success, through a realistic assessment of the parties’ positions and risks involved, as well as for rational costs’ anticipation. In both prevention and management of legal disputes, we regularly consider amicable settlement (negotiation, mediation) as an effective alternative to an adjudicatory process (litigation or arbitration).



Landrove has developed an extensive network of legal specialists from around the world (in the above mentioned regions, but also in the Middle East, Africa and Asia), which ensures that each case requiring cooperation between firms is dealt with by a team of attorneys selected for their specific experience.

Small size allows us to adapt quickly to our clients’ needs. When dealing with clients, whether Sovereigns, State-owned entities, foreign and Swiss law firms, multinational corporations, small and medium size companies or individuals, we favour direct relationship and communication in order to better understand their business, expectations and interests.

We believe the quality of legal advice is directly correlated to the inclusion of a strategic and economic analysis based on a complete view of a client’s situation.

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